Coming in the front door, this is what you see....one of the light switches near the door turns on the sconce in the hallway.  Our builder, who designed the house wanted to give it a...

 "Welcome, come in on in feeling". 

The staircase, which leads to the partially finished basement, is 42 inches wide and is just to the left of the front door. To your right is the living room. 

Can you see these two lace panels below the granite room divider in this picture?  They are "shoe cubbies".  I lined them with rubber non-slip mat.  It's a convenient place to put your shoes when you come in the front door or stash your garden shoes.  It's also a great place to store hats, scarves and gloves.

We love the layout of the house!  Since these large windows face West, watching the sunset is easy.

 When I saw our house during the walk through, I wanted to cry!  It is so beautiful and well thought out.

To me, the kitchen is perfect...absolutely perfect. The island houses the two trash bins and two 36" wide roll outs which given me plenty of room for "stuff."  We had Corey put in that nifty corner cabinet with the pull down door which houses all my small appliances (hand mixer, blender, food processor, coffee pot, bean grinder) and it is so handy.  I got the idea from the best friend's kitchen.  In fact, she emailed me a picture of hers and then I passed it on to our builder.   In another cabinet there are two more roll-outs (under the recipe box on the counter) the top drawer holds all our spices and seasonings.  The Prez put in dividers for me to help keep them in alphabetical order.  I know...I know.  We won't discuss my neatness obsession...let's just move on.

The arch in the ceiling leading to the sunken dining room and the arch over the three windows are symmetrical and although it might be difficult to see in the photos, my walls have no corners. All have rounded edges lending a smooth easy feeling. In front of the kitchen sink are six ceramic tiles which are one of Corey's "signatures". They are inlaid and framed by the surrounding hardwood flooring.

The master bedroom is on the main floor. It too has sconces on either sides of the larger window which faces the West. The opposite wall is a huge closet.

And this is the master bath...spacious with a huge linen closet.  For a smaller house, there is tons of storage space.

Funny story about the curtains in the master bathroom.  I have a Waverly patterned comforter for the bed and one year...oh, several years ago, I remarked to my sister-in-law how much I loved her tablecloth.  The next thing I knew she pulled it off the table, explained to me that it was simply a piece of material with the salvage edge, folded it up and set it on top of my purse.  When I returned to Virginia and unpacked my suitcase, there it was.  Now it was clear WHY I admired it so.  It was my Waverly pattern in my comforter!  The rest is simple...I made curtains out of it, mainly to always remind me of Nancy!

Upon exiting the master bedroom, there's an alcove which needed something special I thought. I put one of the pie safes there with my favorite hydrangea painting hung directly above. When I bought the artificial hydrangeas to put in the round Terracotta vase I found at Marshall's, they weren't the right color. So I did what any smart girl would do. I painted them to match those in the painting!

Now we're heading downstairs. 

This is the landing at the bottom of the stairs. The one step down and to the right puts you in the hallway which has 3 inch wide oak flooring as does the reminder of the basement.  If you open that door on your left, you enter the twilight zone!  LOL!  Actually, you enter the utility room which is still a mess.  We're going to tackle that over the winter months when we're snowed in!

Heading off the landing, on your right is the laundry room with another storage area off of it.

On your left is the second bathroom which I love because it has a four foot wide shower and a linen close that's six feet wide!

Oh, goodness I forgot the linen closet right outside the laundry room.  Shame on me!

The entire downstairs has three inch oak engineered hardwood flooring (except the utility room).  It can be placed on concrete flooring because it has something beneath it that lets it "float."   Enough technical crap (did you notice I didn't give you any details on the mechanicals in the utility room either?).  So as we continue down the hallway, directly in front of you is a door which leads to a patio.

The spare bedroom is on the lower level. Well, actually there are two rooms on the lower level that were "bedrooms." However, one of them is now my office! Isn't it great?  I love this room.  It has a bunch of my favorite things:  an antique desk, a chair that belonged to my DIL's grandmother which is sooooo comfortable, my wooden goose named Sovereign, an antique trunk that the Pres found and an antique record cabinet to name a few.  The closet in this room is another six footer and the Pres added some extra shelves for me for storage.

Now, we're heading back toward the landing

so we can head upstairs.

The Pres bought a 55" HD 3D whatever you call it and although I balked, I must admit that the picture is so clear, it's as if you could just reach out and touch the horses running across the screen when the John Wayne movies are on!

And here we are, back at the front door.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you loved it as much as we do!...:)


corner curio cabinet said...

Love all of them, especially the kitchen..

Theres just life said...

Quite a change from the Hollow. But it looks fabulous. Now get to making all those new memories.

Pamela Jo

Sally said...

Very nice! Now, I'm going to visit the Hollow. :)

trav4adventures said...

I just stopped by...what happened to the home in the hollow? Did you sell it and move? I'm a newbie here...

https://carolann100-havealook.blogspot.ca/ said...

I am new of today to have joined to be a follower so is this your home or a B.B Place?

Beautiful! That kitceh is lovely so I guess it is your home.

Not sure a B.B would have that unless you have a live in cook for Visitors but then My hubby went to a B.B and the cook came every morning and cooked for us.

In Halifax Lodge.

debra said...

Very lovely home! : ) Visiting from Mosaic Monday party : )

Black Fox Homestead said...

You have a beautiful home and a beautiful blog! I look forward to following along.


Black Fox Homestead.com

Unknown said...

I stumbled across your blog while blog hopping and saw this post. WOW! you have a beautiful house. I love it!


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