Sunday, November 24, 2019

Warm Shadows

Waiting impatiently for my incisions to heal meant I needed to "lay low."  Intentionally avoiding people and public places, yes, I was housebound.  As predicted, I ended up with two black worse than the other.  It just wasn't pretty to look at.   Although it drove me crazy to stay put, it was a good excuse to stay home and do a little baking.  These Midnight Espresso Crinkles (a recipe from a very, very good friend) have become a favorite of mine and as you can see cast a few small shadows while cooling.

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Warm Shadows

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  1. Hello,

    The cookies look delicious! I hope you are healing well, take care.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day and new week!

  2. Those look lovely, with their neat little shadows.

  3. What a delicious way to pass the time while you are healing

  4. The cookies look so delicious, JP, even through the blog pics...but did I miss something about why you had incisions and were healing? Hope you will soon be feeling better and able to get out and about as you always do.


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