Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Art of Trapping

No, I am not learning how to trap animals.  However, at a recent local fair, the table next to ours was occupied by "trappers."  They are an organization that is contacted by either individuals or the State of CT, to trap an animal for one reason or another.  Of course, on their display they also had various "furs" on display such as mink, and ermine.  
Sometimes the animal has been reported as rabid.  Sometime the animal has been reported as being a nuisance.  The group does not harm the animal if healthy and relocation is in order.

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The Art of Trapping

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  1. That is nice that they relocate the animals as long as they are healthy

  2. a necessary trade i suppose. we had raccoons living in out attic and "muskrat jack" helped us to get them out, relocate them, and seal our fireplace which is where they were coming in. we were thrilled to have the help, even though he was very dirty and....well, that's all i'm going to say!! happy weekend to you!!

  3. Hello,

    I can see the need to relocate an animal. The raccoons can be nasty and have rabies. The animals on display are done well. Thanks for sharing your post. Happy Sunday, wishing you a great new week ahead.


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