Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Getting the tornado warning last week made me think...hmmmmm, I wonder what the sky would look like as it approached.  Telling the Pres that I was going to sit outside "to greet the storm and watch the sky change", he said, "Okay."  Out I went anticipating something similar to what I saw in the movie The Wizard of Oz, I sat in the rocker and waited.  

Remembering one of our vacations as a kid growing up, the vision reappeared in my mind as if it was happening all over again.  We were driving to Florida in our station wagon and as we were driving through South Carolina, a tornado warning came on the radio.  In the distance, on the horizon, we could see the giant funnel spinning.  If I remember correctly, I was in 7th or 8th grade and as always, we all had our homework assignments that had to be done for the days we would miss.  I remember writing a poem about seeing the phenomenon.  

The first thing that was very noticeable was that the wind picked up tremendously.  There was thunder in the distance.  Waiting patiently and hearing that the thunder grow louder and more frequent as it got closer, I remained seated as the tree tops swayed to and fro.  Finally when the thunder was almost deafening and heavy rain came, sadly I caved.

Well, as the hours passed and a second tornado warning was issued, I still remained glued to the windows (which you are not supposed to do).  Bottom line is this...we got nothing...nothing but heavy rain and wind.  However, several towns did incur damage, some quite severe.

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  1. There was a tornado that passed through my neighborhood a few years before I moved here. Every time the sirens would go off to signal a tornado warning my neighbors would go to their basement. They lived through the one that went through. Then there was me, sitting out on the front porch watching the sky to see if I could spot a funnel cloud.

  2. And now more bad weather on the way....scary scary weather...Michelle...

  3. They've gotten better as time goes on, but weather forecasting is still something we can't nail down. I'm glad they were wrong about your area.


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