Monday, October 15, 2018

Waging War

They started it.  

However, this year, I'm taking the steps necessary to try to deter them.  This year, I am waging war.

After a trip to the local hardware store, and loading the Subaru, I began to feel a little more prepared as I headed home.  With three rolls of 7' x 100' "Deer Fencing" and my waging war attitude, soon I will begin my plight...fencing my five Azaleas, two Viburnum, the Deutzia, the Rhododendrons, nine Hydrangeas, and even the two Holly bushes.  You see, last Winter they were all eaten by the beautiful, graceful, large-eyed beauties...the deer.  My neighbor told me that deer do not like getting their feet tangled with this type of netting.  I hope it works. 

The few perennials that remain, unscathed as of this writing are the beautiful Dahlias and the very fragrant Marigolds.  The beautiful, graceful, large-eyed beauties mowed down my Hosta, Lillies, and Black-Eyed Susans over the Summer.

  Hoping the deer netting does the trick for the Winter, next Spring I'll use Irish Spring shavings sprinkled around the base of the plants.  That, too, worked for my neighbor.

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Waging War

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  1. *haha* I too love my flowers & shrubs.... but I also love having peace & not waging war. So.... my solution is to find out what the deer don't like to eat & develop a love for whatever-those-things-are myself. :) Oh... they DO like my hostas but only the striped ones. So I plant enough for both of us. :) Lovingly, Andrea

  2. Best of luck with this war. Sometimes critters are no fun!

  3. Good luck! Let us know how it works.

  4. I have no flowers for anything to munch on. It's a war free zone :)

  5. Hello,

    Good luck with that. We have given up, surrendered. Have a happy day!

  6. Keep your eyes open..other things get stuck in that netting we found so ended the deer war. It survives or gets replaced.....Sorry you are having that issue...Michelle

  7. Hmmm. Irish Spring shavings - that is one I have not heard before!


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