Sunday, September 23, 2018

Inside and Out

The day I left for Acadia was a busy one.  Going to get my haircut that morning, I naturally told my hairdresser (who I tell everything) that I was leaving that afternoon.  He's so sweet.  After hugging him "good-bye", he handed me a package of snack mix "for more energy that you don't need." 

When I was in Massachusetts, it was still hot and humid (94 degrees).  However, by the time I drove through New Hampshire and into Maine, the temperature dropped to 73 degrees!  Seeing a speed limit sign of 70 mph, I cringed.  The reason?  There ahead of me, the skies had turned almost black with huge storm clouds not far from me.  Suddenly a bolt of lightning up ahead and although a haze engulfed nearly everything, I felt adventure in the air.  Seconds later, I saw the first "Moose Crossing" sign.

Meanwhile on the home front, while I was gone, I had asked the Pres to water the houseplants.  On Friday night, I called him and said, "Have you watered the plants?"

His response was so "him"...quick and deliberate."No, it rained yesterday,"

"I'm talking about the houseplants."

"Oh,  Why is it time to water them?"


Anyway, all the plants survived my great adventure.

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Inside and Out

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  1. Hello, your plants both inside and outside are beautiful.
    Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  2. Adventures are great but proper plant sitting is required lol.

  3. My bamboo plant also survived our being away on a cross country road trip this summer. I left it in extra water and would not have been too upset if it didnt survive, but it did despite all the water having been used. Perhaps your houseplants also suspected that theybwould be on their own in your absence, JP 😉

  4. Is that sweet autumn clematis? Whatever, its gorgeous as is the crown of thorns.

  5. I assume there's some fragrance to these shadows. Thanks for joining in the fun at Shadow Shot Sunday 2!


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