Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Another Peninsula

Another day, another adventure.  Packing lighter and lighter each day, off I went on a ride to somewhere.  Heading to the Schoodic Peninsula, also part of Acadia National Park, and recommended to me by a few of the locals I met at the restaurant where I ate dinner the other night, I couldn't wait.  Described to me as a bit more rugged and less traveled was enough for me, so off I went.

It was spectacular!  While the day began at 37 degrees, it warmed up to a sunny, breezy 66 which meant keep the wind breaker on.  The rugged coastline can be seen just about anywhere you are, however, the ranger at the Visitor's Center suggested that I get to the tip of the peninsula before high tide...just in case the waves are rough.

Arriving about a half hour before high tide, I was more than occupied with the scenery and the waves crashing onto the rocky shoreline.

The nooks and crannies filled with water and plant life waiting to be re-filled by the beautiful dark blue waters.

For some reason, I began focusing on the group of Gulls perched on a cliff.  As high tide approached, more Gulls arrived to join the group.  A cluster of ducks bobbed in the water below and I wondered if they are ever threatened by anything that lives beneath the cold water.

Waves continuing to slash noisily creating beautiful white foam on the dark blue waters. 

Wait, did I just see a head disappear into that dark water? 

 Minutes passed and my eyes remained fixed on the area below those Gulls.  

There it was...the head!  
It wasn't a buoy and it sure wasn't a duck!!  

Holy moosepoops...it's a SEAL!!!


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Another Peninsula

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  1. Hello, these photos brings back memories of my visit there. I think I have some photos with the same views, minus the seal. How cute, love that adorable head peeping out. Have a happy day!

  2. This is an awesome adventure you're on. Very cool spotting the seal

  3. JP, I loved all the beautiful pictures. The rocks, water, and sky....perfect. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. The seal thought you'd like a fine surprise. :-) Your day is my kind of adventure.

  5. I haven't commented on all your posts from this trip, but I am sure enjoying all of these pictures since I am sucker for any mountain with scenic views and lovely rock formations. And these coastal shots are just spectacular. Congrats on seeing so many forms of wildlife!!!


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