Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Fifth Day

Day five of our vacation, I was apprehensive about making my morning coffee because of what had happened the first four days.  Oh, that's right, I haven't told you...

The morning after we arrived, as the Pres snored loudly, I tiptoed across the cold ceramic tiled flooring to the counter where the coffee maker was and "hit the button."  Preparing the pot the night before, I thought that this would be the most efficient and quietest way to make my brew.

While the pot gurgled, I put on sun screen, my bathing suit and completed my morning outfit with my shorts and a sleeveless top over it.  As I approached the coffee pot, I saw that the water sitting in the pot resembled pale, washed out urine.  By the light of the bathroom door ajar, I then began to investigate.  Ahhhhhh...all the water was still stuck in the filter basket with the pod of coffee floating in it.  Glad to have at least found the brew, I carefully lifted the full filter basket out and poured my coffee from there, pouring the urine colored water down the drain.  That was DAY 1.

Day 2 wasn't much better, although the Pres had told me the reason was that I didn't have the handle of the basket in the right position.  Positioning the handle the night before, he assured me it would result in a savory cup of brew the following morning.  WRONG.  There I was again pouring coffee from the filter basket.

Day 3 was worse.  That morning, after asking for a different coffee pot, I once again hit the button.  Much to my surprise when I exited the bathroom after dressing and slathering on sunscreen, there before me was dark brown water.  Removing the pot from the burner, and positioning it over my cup, I began to pour only discover that the lid was BROKEN.  It flew off as I pressed down with my thumb, causing the coffee to spill all over the counter and back-splash.  Not good.

Day 4.  This time I would be ready, knowing that the lid was broken.  Yet when I emerged from the bathroom, there was pale, urine sitting in the pot.  The pod sat in the filter basket alone.  I dumped the water and poured fresh water into the machine, hoping to re-use the pod.  The result wasn't the best but it was drinkable.

Day 5.  It worked and I got a cup of coffee.

And now for my early morning walk...

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The Fifth Day

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  1. Hello, looks like a pretty spot for a walk. I could not start my day without my coffee. Enjoy your day!

  2. Oi Yoi as we say in Western P A. Spectacular photos of the beach and sky.

  3. I assume the wondrous coffee pots came with the room since i doubt you flew with one in your luggage. i would have had to do something different on the first day, not sure what but i can't function without strong coffee as soon as my feet hit the floor, that said, the fifth day view was worth it all

  4. That`s a lot of effort and frustration for a cup of coffee...I`ll stick with my instant.

  5. Poor you! I love a good strong cup of coffee in the morning. I'm glad you finally got a decent cup. Beautiful views on your morning walk.

  6. Dang, that's a lot of work for a cup of coffee. Nice view for the morning walk though

  7. The photos from your morning walk are wonderful, but I'm still laughing about your coffee adventure...make that 'misadventure'!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. As a fellow coffee addict, I can safely say that I recognize all of your descriptions, as I often go to great lengths to get a cup of coffee ... it appears Day 5 was the charm and it shows in your spectacular photos - thank you for sharing!!


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