Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Where's the Water?

Hearing the weather forecast for a Wednesday a few weeks ago, I immediately decided that it would be a GREAT day to go to the beach.  Although the Pres was not interested in going, I knew I was.  I knew I could always make-up a Wednesday workout.  However, how many chances would there be to have 60 degree temps and be able to head to the beach in February?

So the following morning I did just that.

When I left home it was overcast.  Yet, as I got closer to my destination, the fog became more intense and I thought, "Well, I've come this far, I might as well see what the beach is like in the fog."

After parking on the rather empty roadside and walking toward the beach, I could hear the water but couldn't see it.  From the dunes, the fog obscured nearly everything in the distance.  Focusing on things along the paths and trails, I came across this little squirt who was willing to pose for a close-up.   

The trails and paths were not too bad as you can see, but when I walked to the beach toward the sound of the ocean, the fog was very thick.  Quite honestly, I found it intriguing, eerie, and beautiful.  I knew the water was there...somewhere.

As mid-day approached, the sun tried so hard so hard to make it's way through the dense gray blanket that covered everything.  Watching it struggle, I hoped that it would.  Yet, apparently it never made it.  According to the local weathermen that evening, towns along the CT shoreline were smothered in dense fog all day.


In case you're wondering what this piece of wood represents, I will simply say this...
I found it, maneuvered to a great location (which then became my "sit spot").  I used it for my most enjoyable, quiet and very interesting day at the beach.

And this little bird is the ONLY bird I saw during my entire stay.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Where's the Water?

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  1. I especially like the beach and fog photos.

    The RG and I once fished a tournament at Lake Chautauqua NY. The morning started in DENSE fog. Zero visibility. Hard to know where other boats were but a unique sensory experience I'll never forget.

  2. beautiful pics, love the one of the falling down fence and the sit spot i would love to sit on. i think heard the waves a few times

  3. I like foggy days, sometimes. Glad you enjoyed the day at the beach.

  4. any day at the beach is a good day...

    i'm sure you could hear it and smell it, that would have to be enough!! i like your seat and your attitude, we are beach lovers and i will be posting about our area beaches tomorrow!!!

  5. A day at the beach sounds awesome. I like the look of the fog

  6. I LOVE FOG AT THE BEACH! And your much atmospher of a magical, mysterious day. So enjoyable...very special. The one & only bird...darling!!

    Thanks so much for a wonderful outing, & linking in with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  7. Foggy days are so beautiful to me. I love the pictures of the fog at the beach, so pretty.


  8. Wow - that was certainly a thick fog, but the mystery fog lends to a scene made it a great opportunity for you as a photographer. You captured some nice shots!
    Thanks for linking up at

  9. Hello!:) Seriously very special captures of your quiet time at the beach. I just love your fog shots of the broken fence and wooden huts. Cute doggie, and Sanderling captures too.:)

  10. Mystical, softly poetic beach scenes!

  11. Good for you making lemonade from lemons .... the fog created a truly mystical photo op - my favorite is the fence stretching into the fog.

  12. JP, You always have great posts. Love the little bird. What kind of large body of water is this beach on? Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  13. Lovely, glad you went! Have a happy day!


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