Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Stupid, Stupid Bird...Not Again

Saturday, the wind chills had us sitting at -15 degrees yet it was that day that my son scooted out so he and the Pres could work on his Wrangler.  While the boys tinkered out in the heated garage, I continued performing my routine "Dolly domestic" duties.

Looking up as I mopped the kitchen floor, first through the front door, I could see the flock of wild turkeys flying in through the woods.  They were everywhere....on the old stump, on the fence, walking down the driveway, in the pine trees.  They were on the ground...marching, marching, marching.  Trudging through the snow, they made their way to the  bird feeders. 

I finally stopped mopping and got the camera.  this was worth watching because... 

it was then that I spotted "the stupid, stupid bird" that always ends up on the wrong side of the fence.  

Intentionally watching the portion of the flock that flew in, I watched them carefully as they all landed at the base of all the bird feeders....except "the stupid, stupid bird."  It overshot the landing strip and ended up on inside of the fence!!

And then she began the pacing...back and forth...back and forth.

Standing by the slider, I was actually talking out loud, saying, "You stupid, stupid bird" when my son walked in from the garage. 

"Mom, are you talking to yourself?  Mom, are you alright?"

Telling my son about the goofy bird, he then joined me and there we stood just watching the young hen pace back and forth in front of the open gate.  Finally, as my son and I looked on, she WENT THROUGH THE OPEN GATE....:)

 just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Stupid, Stupid Bird...Not Again


  1. Perhaps that bird is not as stupid as you suspect, JP, as it eventually found the gate or quite possibly heard you yelling at it!

  2. Mayhaps she is playing the damsel in distress.

  3. That bird sure is a slow learner. I'm betting it will provide lots of humorous blog posts though :)

  4. so now we know there are mentally handicapped turkeys in our world. LOL

  5. LOL, that is one silly bird. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  6. I have heard that they are not very smart animals, but this could be just a rumor.


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