Monday, May 29, 2017


Deciding that I needed to relocate a few perennials to the East side of the house, I began digging in April.

Removing all the sod, tilling and transplanting the plants, the final touch was to put in the edging.

Moving some Bellflower, Spider-wort, Solomon's Seal, Garden Phlox, Columbine to join the Lily of the Valley, Black Labradorean Violet, and Lady's Mantle, I thought it would be a nice mix of color and texture.

The Black Labradorean Violet loves it there but in addition to the cultivated plants, I moved a few of the wildflowers too.

The Quaker Lady Bluets seem to do well there so in they went.
Meanwhile, in the lower part of the yard, where I have babied the wildflowers like Adder's Tongue, False Solomon's Seal, and Ferns (Ostrich,Christmas, Interrupted, Cinnamon, Hay and Maidenhair to name a few) and patiently waiting and watching the Jack-in-the-pulpits flourish, there they were...

the Trilliums were in bloom...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


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  1. You have beautiful gardens and a real eye for mixing and matching your plants.

  2. Well Mrs 'Greenfingers' you have been busy. Now sit back and enjoy.

    Trust you are both well.

  3. JP, You are a very good gardener. I like the unusual flowers you have planted. Hope they all do very well. The older I get the lazier I am about things have to be hardy here. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. It is, and will be lovely in the months ahead! I'm still struggling with getting out into my beds - They are showing my neglect, and you are an inspiration to not let that continue!

  5. I do love the plants you listed. I want to add some of them here. I love phlox, but the deer ate mine here...or rabbit maybe... Michelle

  6. It's always nice to have a plan to improve the garden! It sounds like it will be great. Thanks for identifying the violets that are growing all around my house--I had no idea what they were called!!

  7. The older I get the lazier I am about things have to be hardy here. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie



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