Friday, April 21, 2017

Silence IS Golden

Setting up my folding three-legged stool in my usual spot, the almost colorless woods were still intriguing.  For instance, a broken limb balancing on the lower limb of the huge, old oak reminded me of a turkey wishbone.

However, that was not was I was here for.  While I was hoping I would catch a shot or two of the eagles, the silence of the woods suddenly disappeared.  Coming from the East, the noise became louder and louder as it came closer.

Look closely at the photo below.  You can just barely see the helicopter (located above the "C") which was making all the noise.  It flew over three times...East to West, West to East and finally East to West before vanishing out of sight.

That morning I learned the importance of color and the value of silence.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Silence IS Golden

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  1. I do see the helicopter...what an annoyance to a quiet morning retreat! Hope you have a most wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  2. I spotted the helicopter ... they can be so noisy!

    Wishing you a quiet and enjoyable weekend.

    All the best Jan

  3. Too bad you can't designate it as a no fly zone

  4. i bet it made lots of noise. no more solitude

  5. So no luck with the eagles - such a shame! I like the sharpness of the twigs and buds in your third photo, against the fuzzy shape of the helicopter.

  6. Fotografije so zelo lepe kot črno bele. Tista s helikopterjem je super, mi je zelo všeč, lepo ujeto.
    Photos are great in BW. I like photo with helicopter, nice captured.


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