Sunday, March 19, 2017

Something Different

Spotting the recipe in our local paper, I said, "Hon, let's try something different tonight." Peaking his curiosity he looked up from his crossword, as Criminal Minds continued in the background, and said what any man would say, 
"Oh what?"

"Honey, I'm talking FOOD....listen to this recipe," as I rattled off the ingredients and simple directions.

We tried it and it was soooooooo good!!!

It's inexpensive, easy and, for us, it was something different.

Today is the Pres' 72nd birthday.


Where did the time go?

A father of two (by his first marriage)...grandfather of many...(one of mine and six of his)... and great grandfather of two, sailed through open heart surgery two years ago, and continues to do what he wants, when he wants like eating two entire loaves of banana bread I made for him!

Nothing special is planned.  In fact, I think we might eat some of the leftovers from this past week's meals, which were:

Roast pork with sweet potatoes, white potatoes, peas and onions...

Chicken divan with jasmine rice

Meatballs, sausage and pasta

Sticky Ginger Soy Chicken (a keeper for us)

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Something Different

with you  

Shadow Shot Sunday


  1. JP, I am sending birthday wishes to your Prez. Hug him for all of us. Wow, sounds like you have been cooking plenty this week. Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie

  2. Birthday Greetings to the Prez.....glad to see he isn't starving.

  3. Where has time gone and how did we get to be this age? lol Happy Birthday to your Prez...good for him that he just keeps 'going'. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  4. Happy Birthday Prez you are a lucky man. B

  5. so what did you try that was new? the banana bread

  6. Sending our belated Happy Birthday wishes to Joe. Looks like you kept him well supplied in treats and dinners.


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