Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not Just A Pretty Face

Yikes!  Definitely been away for too long!  The entire Dashboard changed in my absence.
Imagine that?  

They didn't even ask for my input...LOL!

However, I do have to compliment Blogger...a big time "thanks".  

About a week ago, I had a question about the "cookie message" required on certain blogs, so I put it out on "the blogger help forum" available for us bloggers.  I wanted to be sure that my blog (and I) were following the correct protocol.

The response was almost immediate.  The individual that responded was so clear in his explanation and even included screen shots back to me, making it clear that my blog (and I) were okay.  His professionalism made it clear that Google's Blogger Support Staff is
not just a pretty face.

 Of course, his screen shots were not quite as beautiful as those of the Pileated Woodpecker I spotted the other morning.

This pic is my favorite.

Now this is a pretty face!

just seeing, saying and sharing

Not Just A Pretty Face

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  1. Where have you been hiding? Nice shots of the woodpecker

  2. What did Blogger say about the cookie message?

  3. JP. My gosh , what a great spotting. I love the unusual things you see where you live. Hope all is well . Blessings to you and Pres. xoxo, Susie

  4. Glad to see you here. yes- Blogger does keep changing things up,don't they? I am glad you got a good response. I have not always had such good luck. xoDiana

  5. Beautiful! Wonderful woodpecker photos!
    To check my cookie message, I commented on an European blog, asking if the message showed when she viewed my blog. Yes, it is on there when viewed from a country that requires it. I think Blogger added it automatically as I did nothing to make it pop up there.

  6. Looks like that beak means business.

  7. This is a wonderful shot of the woodpecker. I couldn't get a pic of a sparrow if I tried, and we have many! I do know we have some sort of woodpeckers high in our oak trees. I used to hear them before my hearing went totally kaput but hubby says they are still pecking away.

    I did notice the changes with the dashboard. I'm glad there is help for when we need it.

    Hope all is well with you!


  8. that is good to know, I have not had to contact them but will remember this. ha ha on the remember part...


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