Friday, October 14, 2016


One morning, in the midst of September while we were helping my daughter, another one of life's adventures...

Thanks to seeing a small puddle on the utility room floor in our basement located around the hot water tank's  pedestal, all I asked was, "Hon, why is there water around the hot water tank?"

The Pres' short, sweet and simple response was "I don't know." 
It was after several minutes of silence that I said, "Honey, did you hear me?"   Rather than hearing his chair squeak from movement, there was nothing.  Moments later I heard his well-worn, burgundy leather chair emit noises equivalent to "the man in motion" sound (thank goodness for well-worn leather!)  Soon his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs told me he would be at my side soon.

After a few "Hmmms" and "Ahh-haas," he went into action. 

So, doing the same routine he performed last time it leaked (yes, there was a last time not that long ago), I asked about the accumulation of water.  He responded, "I'm not worried about it," already wiping it up.   I am guessing he thought that if it was not there, it would make the problem go away. 

 However, since it had happened not too long ago, this time, I was not settling for the I don't know answer or, my favorite, lets wait and see if it happens again.

 "Let's figure out why it leaks," I said.  The Pres Old Cranky pants grunted, indicating to me that it was something he really did NOT want to do.

And so, it began.  Copper stood watch outside...such a nosy dog.

Connecting the hose to the drain, shutting off the incoming water and letting empty as much as it would.  Then we closed the drain, let more water into the tank hoping to disrupt anything that settled before we reopened the drain.  

(Please note all that gravel looking stuff.)

Well, let me tell you...the crap that came out of the bottom of the tank was unbelievable!!  And I mean there was a lot of crap.

Assuring me that it wouldn't happen again, we ended our "adventure" and went back upstairs.

After all, pancakes were waiting to be made.  We love pancakes!

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  1. Oh- what a mess. Hard water deposits, I am assuming? Glad you got it cleaned out and, hopefully, no more leaks in your immediate future. xo Diana

  2. There's always something in a house....and water can make such a mess.

  3. glad you got it all cleaned out.

  4. Oh that wouldn't be a nice sight to see on your floor. I'm grateful we rent our hot water heater from the power utility and if it has any problem at any time we can call them and they will repair it or replace the unit. We've had ours replaced twice in 39 years! I do hope you got the problem sorted out.

  5. I can only imagine the crap that is in ours

  6. This is a story/scenario I am quite accustomed to. You tell it very well. I simply stop after the 'no movement from the chair" and say, "I'll call the plumber tomorrow." That definitely gets a response.

    Glad it wasn't a horrendous problem.


  7. What a mess! Hopefully the problem is now solved ....

  8. Yikes! Hopefully that won't happen again. I love the black and white reflection!

  9. Wow.....who knew? So does it need replacing or did draining the sediment out do the trick?
    Awwww....the wonders of homeownership.
    Have a dry weekend.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  10. What an adventure! Leaks in the house are always a worry. Love your black and white reflection.


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