Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Finding HOME...Without A GPS

Do you remember me telling you that this year's immature is extremely vocal?  Well, if you missed that bit of information, she is.  Here's a perfect example...

Throughout the day on Tuesday, although in the low 90's, there was a breeze.  A beautiful breeze which made you feel like being outside and breathing deeply.  So, the dogs and I spent most of the day out in the yard.  Regardless of what I was doing, that immature Eagle just kept squawking and squawking.  Finally, I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Putting the kids (Moon and Copper, of course) in the house to take their afternoon nap, I put on my "outfit" and went into the woods.  As I neared the clearing the squawking stopped.  Hmmmm, she's spotted me, I thought.  At least it shut her up.  However...

It was then that I heard and watched her father circle and soar over me while she took flight from a different tree (not a great shot, but can you see how enormous her wingspan is under the pine bough?...she is a monster!).  Seeing them in the sky in close proximity made me realize how huge the immature is, confirming it is definitely a female.

Okay, so they flew off heading East and I turned around and headed home.  At least there was silence and the rest of the day passed and I didn't hear her....until....

After 6 pm, I went out so the kids could do "their thing."  In the distance I heard faint squawking and thought, laughing to myself, Gosh, now I am imagining that I hear her.  But, it wasn't my imagination because the squawking continued, growing louder and louder.  Looking West in the direction of the faint squawking, there, in the sky, a bird that I could just barely see.  Squinting to avoid the sun, I remained focused on the flapping bird growing larger and louder as it left the airspace of the river.

Yes, it was the immature squawking the entire way home!  Late my thought was that her father probably took her on a hunting lesson either to a nearby pond, the dam or the river.  They'd been gone for hours.  She had returned alone so she may have been saying...I found my way home....I found my way home..and without a GPS...LOL! 

She must have been exhausted, because once she circled and flew in from the South, I never heard another peep out of her until the next morning.

Did you know that Eagles can always find their way back to where they were born?  They use landmarks and retain the information all their lives.  It is an innate trait.   Did you also know that they travel hundreds of miles before they mature and find a mate?  Did you know that this immature will be ousted by her parents (probably before November) which is when she will put her real skills to the test?  

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Finding Home...Without a GPS


  1. Such a fantastic ability to orientate and find home the Eagles have... And an amazing experience you've gotten with that eagle!

  2. Such interesting facts. Thank you.

  3. "Did you know that Eagles can always find their way back to where they were born?"

    WOW! I didn't know that!

  4. Hello, nice eagle story. It is great that they can find their way "home". Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. I loved your story and the description. It's so beautifully written. Did you watch the four part series on birds and migration and their lives on PBS? I'm forgetting the name of the series. It aired recently here in NJ. Apparently lots of birds remember where they were born; and return to those places every year. They remember it based on landmarks and earth magnetic fields and so on. So, it seems like they might get lost if we destroy their landmarks.

  6. We see a lot of eagles here but I didn't know that about them - very interesting post!

  7. This was a fascinating post! That poor noisy juvenile! :-) She needs to realize that silence is part of her stealth...she'll get it together soon.

  8. Learned something new (for me) today, JP. Thanks
    And, I DO like your new blog look...much easier read and present your blog posts too.


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