Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cleaning, Dusting...Ho-Hum

Stepping outside to empty the vacuum canister, I immediately became sidetracked.

Watching the Dragonflies dart around effortlessly, then settle on the stone wall to extract minerals, I imagined how warm the rocks feel to them and wanted to feel that relaxed and cozy...not be doing housework!

And then I wondered what these "little fuzzies" were on the antennae of the Frittilary.

Very happy to see all the butterflies including the Monarchs and Eastern Swallowtails, enjoying the Butterfly Bush I planted last Fall, I enjoyed their company for a few minutes.

After all, it was a brief break from what I'd been doing all morning...dusting, cleaning and housework.

Heading up the deck stairs with the vacuum canister in hand, my arm brushed up against something on the railing. It wasn't a butterfly though.

Looking as if it too had been dusting and cleaning (see the dust and webs on it's antennae), it did not make me feel warm and fuzzy....creepy was more like it! It was really an ewwwwww moment.

Creeped out, I was ready to go in and finish cleaning.

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Cleaning, Dusting...Ho-Hum

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  1. Looking at these butterflies my immediate thought was stained glass.

  2. the cleaning may be ho hum but your brief break with all the wild life was a fun post. except of course the one you brushed up on the porch. YUCK on that one

  3. Your showing the best for this time of year! Except for that last "bug." He has a face that only a Mother would love! :-)

  4. What was that thing? I enlarged your pic but couldn't tell!!! And speaking of butterflies, and I have a lot since I brought milkweed seeds home with me from the lake, the other day I nearly wet my pants when I focused on some sort of butterfly or moth that had sort of blended in on my patio umbrella. It was the size of the palm of my hand and it had muted brown and gray colors, like a sparrow. Any idea? I was fascinated by these things when I was young and now I get creeped out too easily!


  5. Your butterfly images are gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend and don't do too much housework :)

  6. Hello, great shots of the dragonfly and beautiful butterflies. Anything nature related is better than cleaning. Just saying! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Your butterfly pictures are so pretty. I've never been able to get a picture of one unless it was dead. That last one creeped me out a bit too.


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