Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Devil In Disguise

Remember how excited I was when the Trumpet Vine (The Waiting Is Over) finally began blooming last year?  Well, it was after that post that I found out the truth about that little devil.  

You know that plant I searched and searched for...PAID FOR...the one to attract Hummingbirds...the Trumpet Vine...the one that didn't do anything for a long time except climb the baseball scoreboard.  Then when it bloomed all those beautiful orange-red tubular flowers, I was posting pictures of it and that when I found out is INVASIVE and if planted near trees can result in their STRANGULATION.  Several of my readers had told me in their comments how a Trumpet Vine can become a nuisance.  So, following their advice, that Fall, the Pres and I butchered it...and I mean butchered it.

We had intended to dig it up when the excavator was here to remove the tree stumps, but it never got done.  "Don't worry Hon, I'll dig it up by hand and we'll move it.  Where do you want it?," the Pres asked about six weeks ago.

 "Oh, just put it in on the outside of the fence.  It can use that to climb on."  

Thus, the bare stump was placed in the ground and ignored.  Grant you, although it has no blooms this Summer, it looks like it made it.

now beside the deep hole it left when he dug it out, it has been producing shoots constantly.

We have it all over the place along the fence (which must be from those darn blooms!!) and on both sides of the stonewall the Pres and Luke built last Fall.

It was the Pres' idea to put some there, "Hon, it can't kill rocks, so what have we got to loose?"

Regrettably, I went along with his suggestion.  Well, guess what?  Thus far, although the Pres and I have dug up about five pieces of the stuff and just let it die, it still keeps coming!  In fact, I just spotted that little devil coming up in the lawn!!!  Wait until he finds that out along with the new shoots that I just spotted last night!!!

just saying and sharing...

That Little Devil
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  1. have you heard the country song "i told you soooooo" well i am singing it. that stuff can never ever never be eradicated. and be glad you don't have a year long growing season. we have those blooms in the top of 40 foot trees down here, right now our fence can not be found because it is covered with it... also another word to the wise, is you are yanking on it and get the juice from broken vines on your skin it can cause a nasty red rash...

  2. Sorry to chuckle at your expense. We had one with big beautiful intertwined vines trained up an old clothesline pole. I loved it! The RG complained for several years about the shoots in the lawn he had to spray and deal with. A couple years ago----GONE!, sigh.

  3. Trumpet Vine grows wild in our forest. The showy bright orange blooms always make me smile on hot walks around our meadow. Never even thought about planting it in our yard. Oh, and by the way, I thought you were slyly alluding to what is going on with the GOP Convention. (Trumpet Vine ;). Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. The will to live among some plants is alarming. We have similar problems with a honeysuckle (I foolishly bought it 20 years ago) and English ivy which was here when we moved in. They continually grow back and spread!

  5. once begun, they are hardy things! i finally got mine blooming a couple of years ago, too. :)

  6. Nature's beauty comes with certain issues. Lovely pics!

  7. I've never had one in the yard, but I've always liked them for the critters they attract!


  8. Well they must be quite "hardy" plants. The neighbors around the block have on that has vined up a telephone pole. It sure is pretty when it blooms.


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