Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saved By Sandra

Always "save your settings"...

Always "save your settings"...

Always "save your settings"....

because if you don't they don't work!!

Recently, by mistake, I made some changes to my blog settings and I did, in fact, "save" those changes.  However, thanks to a few readers and one very adept individual (Sandra...that's you), it was brought to my attention that my "comment thingy" was not working properly.

Well, again, thanks to "someone who knows it all" (LOL!!!! can't wait for you know who to read this!!), who took the time to send me screen clips of how to fix the problem, I went out and changed things....I thought.

 I looked today and realized I never "saved the settings."  Oh, I changed them on individual posts through "Options" but never in the "settings."  
Hopefully now things are working properly.

Thank YOU, Sandra

just saying and sharing...



  1. I wondered why you were no longer taking comments. Now I know

  2. So that is why I have been unable to comment! I could not figure it out. Sandra knows everything about blogging and has helped me plenty. She just knows how to teach. She is really a valuable asset to all of us. And a good friend.

  3. I have a Sandra that saves my computer tail all the time.

  4. Awwww everyone needs a Sandra, I'm glad you have one!!

  5. An awful feeling JP:
    I had it happen to me until a blogging friend also came to my rescue.. i gave up a couple of times.

    imperative that we save our settings.. save everything..
    Glad you have it all sorted..
    Val xx

  6. I sometimes think it might be nice to change my header for different holidays, but I know Blogger has changed some things since I did it originally and I don't dare change anything now. I'd probably end up regretting it when I couldn't get my original header back.


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