Thursday, July 28, 2016

Found...A Gentle Soul

A few emails ago, Sandra Mad Snapper told me she liked cows.

Bound and determined to find a few cows for her, one day I left an hour early for Tai Chi.

  Barns without fences?
  Barns without cows?


Of course, those healthy, happy, black and whites could not be seen nor could those rusty, well-worn cattle gates...not from where I was.

 Of course, neither could she.

Happy I brought zoomer, I went in for a closer look.

just seeing, saying and sharing

Found...a gentle soul

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  1. you know i love it... i have actually kissed a cow that looks just like the last one right between her ears, did that at church a couple of times... they were in the pasture next door to the parking lot and i came early to pet the cows

  2. Great shots! Holstein are mainly milkers and are especially gentle. Sandra will love them.

  3. Hello JP, I love the cows and the farm scenes. The last two shots are my favorite. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. How nice of you to find such a sweet cow for Sandra. I came up with a goat and I think she liked that too.

  5. JP, Looked like a dairy farm. :) I love the sunset photo. Those are my favorite to get good pictures.

  6. What's not to love about a cow. I've pulled over to take pictures of them in the past. One pasture I pulled up to the cows came over to say hello another one they all took off

  7. Ah! Great cow shots and barns too!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  8. Such sweet creatures. I love cows, too. They always remind me of my childhood. Gentle souls indeed.

  9. A friend of mine has Scottish highland cows and they are adorable. Someday I'll get some pics.

    Cindy Bee

  10. How sweet. And a lovely sky shot.

  11. Nice determination!

    I need to get a zoomer! (for that matter, I could use a newer used car...)

  12. Lovely sky. I really enjoyed the cow images.
    JM, IL

  13. So nice of you to find cows and fences to share with Sandra (Mad Snapper) - They were very nice. Also thought your sunset was quite lovely.


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