Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Conservation At It's Best

Several weeks ago, I drove to RI and spent most of the day with my daughter and her honey at a place called SVF Foundation (http://svffoundation.org/).  The SVF Foundation, in conjunction with the Smithsonian, are participants of a biodiversity preservation project.  Located in Newport, RI, they...

"...preserve germplasm (semen and embryos) from rare and endangered breeds of food and fiber livestock. In collaboration with Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, SVF elevates rare-breed conservation to a new level, through the cryopreservation of germplasm. Collecting 200 embryos and 3,000 straws of semen per breed, SVF will be able to reawaken a breed, with its full genetic diversity, within one generation. This library of frozen material is vital to the protection of the world’s food supply."  

Stepping in trays of disinfectant before we could pass through the gates, we knew the Annual Visitor's Day would be well worth it.  We had planned on going ever since the kids moved to RI but always missed it because of their work schedules.  Today was "the day."

Seeing the small garden beds in the distance, I was anxious to get closer...

 and discovered that each bed was used for specific vegetables and herbs.

Now we discovered something new...

as the beds were directly in front of "The Hennery."  

As we wandered with the rest of the crowd, things became ever more interesting.  Have you ever seen roofs like these?  I fell in love with them!

A fascinating presentation of just how the embryos/semen are collected, preserved (frozen) and thawed was so interesting.

The annual event was well worth the wait and to tell you the truth, next year, I want to go back.  Not only does this organization care deeply about our future but also preserving what we've been given today.

just saying and sharing...

with you and those at Natures Notes


  1. What an interesting place to visit. Glad someone is thinking about our future.

  2. Hello, what a great place. Wonderful photos. I like the roof and the wetlands. The chickens are cute too.
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  3. Well that looks like a fun and interesting day. That roof is fascinating


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