Monday, June 27, 2016

Take Small Bites

Just a tad behind with blogging duties lately however, I am happy to report we are alive and well...exhausted, but alive and well.  In fact, this week we finally got the chance to head to RI to spend some time with my daughter and her honey.  As everyone this time of the year, we have been keeping ourselves busy.

While I continue to pull new shoots of the invasive Bittersweet, the Pres has been busy working to eradicate the Japanese Barberry in the lower section of our yard...a section that is frontage...a section that is about two acres...a section with massive amounts of the invasive plant.

Driving through it with the ATV and the sprayer was the easiest way for us.  Removing it "mechanically" (literally digging it out with a pic) is far too labor intensive for people our age.  After reviewing the various options listed by our CT DEP ( bulletin), our next step was to make a plan and take action.

Section by section,
we began to attack another piece, then another.  

During the process, I came to the conclusion that yard-work is like eating a good steak.  Never bite off more than you can chew because, like steak, sometimes, it can be tough!

As of this writing,we think we took our last bite last week and know that if necessary we will continue to take small bites. 

saying and sharing...

Natures Notes

Oh, one more thing.

a good invasive is a DEAD INVASIVE.

I can only imagine how old this Sycamore is.
We saw it struggling, being consumed by Bittersweet.  It seems to be doing fine now...:)


  1. the problem with yard work and house work is by the time you chew the small bites it is back and needs doing again, unlike chewing steak.....

  2. i think i use tons of energy when i work on our yard. i come inside soaked with sweat. it is no fun afterwards. i enjoy the work while i am doing it. but then i think oh my bones and muscles what did i do? the heat or i should say humidity is nuts. i see your note about cookies. going to read more. i have had a heck of a time with them lately. happy summer!! ( ;

  3. I tend to let the weeds flourish!

  4. Yard work wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so much like "work"

  5. That is a lot of I have many invasives we continue to try and keep at bay....many weeds like teasel and vetch and horsetail.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this...we are always pulling something here, but nothing as awful as this stuff...Michelle


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