Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Raptor Capture

Several weeks ago, when my friend mentioned, "Hey, they're having a thing on the 18th about falconry. Want to go?"
"Absolutely...I'll meet you there," came out of my mouth before taking my next breath on the elliptical.
Fast forward two weeks and there we were, sitting in the second row, listening to and learning about more raptors. The topic was the ancient art of falconry.

To become a falconer, you have to trap your own bird of prey, work with it to gain it's trust, teaching it how to hunt and return to you. Learning to work as a team, it takes years to become a "Master Falconer." Some falconer a use smaller dog breeds such as Dachshunds to flush out prey enabling the hunt.
To further demonstrate the trust a handler builds, we had the chance to meet:
Fiona, a young, rehabilitated American Kestrel, who was simply beyond beautiful...

Athena, an eleven year old Penegrine Falcon, a pretty demure subject herself...

Patrick, a Red-Tail Hawk, a striking hunk, if I do say so myself...

and lastly Chrysos, a Golden Eagle, a magnificent raptor.

What do you think...
should I try to capture a raptor?

saying and sharing...


  1. Beautiufl photos!

    We have a similar falcon that hangs around our house sometimes,

  2. Hello JP, it is cool seeing the falcons up close. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. What fabulous birds and such a lovely experience to see them close to. I imagine the golden eagle must weigh quite heavily on the wrist.

  4. i have only seen the raptor shows at our Jungle Gardens here and they are amazing.. but it doesn't make me want to capture one, they have sharp claws and beaks...

  5. If anyone can, you can. (capture)

  6. Such beauties, JP. I wish I had a tamed hawk...I would want it to get all the rabbits and chipmunks around here. LOL I am wearing myself out with this life trap. I maybe catching the same one all the time. LOL. They probably get back here faster after I let them out down at the big woods, than I do. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Wow, such amazing creatures. I think being falconer sounds like it's right up your alley

  8. So interesting that you posted this. My husband visited a falconry the last time we were at our place in NC. Along with the man who raised the falcons, he was able to have one land on his arm to grab a hunk of meat. It was beyond thrilling. He plans to do it again. For myself...iIhave a parrot that loves to bite me. That's enough of a challenge for me!

    Great pics!


  9. Very cool. I enjoyed your post. There is another one linked about an orphaned Falcon.
    Thanks for sharing this. I linked too. I hope you can come by for a visit.

  10. For years I've followed the progress (or lack of progress lately) of two falcons on a roof top in Jersey City, NJ. Sadly, no babies again this year.


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