Friday, June 17, 2016

Pay Attention To The Skies

The day began with beautiful skies as I hit the road.

Heading to RI to meet my daughter and her honey, I promised them I would be there by 8:30 am.

It would be a perfect day for the annual open house at the non-profit organization.

However, returning home the skies darkened, making traveling a tad dicey.

Have YOU ever hydroplaned?
It was VERY scary.

just saying and sharing...


  1. JP, I have a fear of I will be a slow driver...I most often want to just pull over till the rain lets up...but you can't always do that. I get claustrophobic in fog and heavy rain. Glad you got home safely. Enjoy the weekend. blessing,xoxo,Susie

  2. hydro planing is one of the reason i try to never drive in rain, but it happens sometimes. especailly when traveling and no where to go but keep on driving. glad you are safe. those skies are amazing

  3. Talk about a change in weather! And I'm glad you 'weathered' the hydroplane episode. Never a good thing.

  4. Yes ... more than once!! Not a pleasant experience.

    Guess what .. it is raining cats and dogs here again!

  5. I hate it when the weather changes like that. It sure can make driving scary

  6. I love rain, especially when its pouring down heavily. Its an awesome experiance to walk through.......try walking out with out any shields, get wet and make sure you take a shower back home.


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