Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Competition

This time of the year and nearly every morning, there they are....


Seeing them reminds me to get my picking container.  Today while Moon and Copper laid on the patio watching me, I beat the competition!

Today I picked and froze four cookie sheets filled with our berries.

Meanwhile, over at the feeders, where the Pres continues to expand our "bird sanctuary," 
I think we may have to make a sign.

Why do I think we need a sign?

Disappearing into the woods, a doe and her fawn vanished when I began snapping.
It is a "bird sanctuary" you know.

saying and sharing...

Wild Bird Wednesday

Outdoor Wednesday


  1. So glad you beat the critters and birds to your berries. It's nice we feed them but they need to learn to share.LOL. You'll be enjoying those nice berries. The deer is so pretty. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Those berries look so good. Do I see pies in the future?

  3. I'd love to walk out in the back and pick berries, but it's not going to happen here. :(

  4. You have deer and birds eating your berries? You must have a good rep around the nature neighborhood.


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