Saturday, June 18, 2016

Guests Heading Home

Now that most of the flowers are blooming in the two small gardens around front, it was time, once again, for me to wander through and pull any "unwanted guests" (aka weeds). If I do it on a regular basis, I find it easier to manage and a lot less work. So last week, waiting until the sun was weak in the Western sky, I stepped over the small wooden fence made by the Pres to begin my exploration.

The plants are really beginning to naturalize in these beds. In fact, I cannot explain how or why my VA Bluebells multiplied like crazy here in the North while I could barely keep them alive in VA.  However, to my amazement, they are "CT Natives," say the experts. Of course, others are not yet in bloom like the Swamp Milkweed and Cone Flower.  Referring to Regional Plant List-CT, it has helped us decide which shrubs to grow as well.

But then...

once I stepped over the wooden fence, my mind wandered back to when we brought home all our rabbits for the gardens.  All six of us had one or more cement rabbits as our carry-on on our flight back from FL...LOL!   My sister was glad her guests were heading home that year!!

Although I hadn't gathered more than a hand full of weeds in a few minutes,  it was while I was still on the lower level that I saw something move near the Hens and Chicks. It didn't slither, so I wasn't really worried. Walking slowly through the taller plants toward the stone wall, there it was...a baby rabbit...a REAL RABBIT.

 Although it was just barely moving its little head, I did notice that it was breathing regularly (and not gasping as if in pain).  I watched it for quite a while, forgetting about the weeding completely.  Finally, walking away, I decided to go tell the Pres.

"Honey, there's a baby rabbit at the base of the stone wall in the lower garden. Should I pick it up and try to feed it? "

"No. Leave it be. It's mother will find it," he replied emphatically.

But I just couldn't leave it be.  Every hour I went out and checked on it and, as the sun began to set in the Western sky, I worried more with each passing minute...

until I looked out the front door and spotted it hopping across the walk...:)  

Watching it like a mother hen, it hopped across the gravel driveway, onto the grass and headed toward the back fence-line and woods. Yes, I was happy and relieved that our guest was heading home...:)

just saying and sharing...


  1. weeding is why I no longer have the flower bed that used to be on the side of my house. I hate that job.

  2. Excelente trabalho e belas fotografias.
    Um abra├žo e bom fim de semana.

  3. I would have worried too and done the same thing. I've never seen a rabbit here though. I'm afraid coyotes and alligators might be getting them. With all the rain we've had the weeds keep popping up. I try to pull them on a regular basis so the job never becomes overwhelming.

  4. I love watching rabbits, and so does our beagle. Surprised that your pups hadn't sniffed this one out. As for weeds, mine grow right through any ground cover (manmade or natural) and drive me crazy. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. Weeding or watching a bunny? Watching a bunny or weeding? No contest.

  6. I love the flowers at this time of year and there are lots more to come! We've had quite a few baby bunnies and I keep a close eye on them too as the mother leaves them on their own all day and comes at dusk to nurse them. Unlike baby birds that are constantly squawking. lol

  7. Absolutely stunning presentation and photos ~ gorgeous colors and love the bunnies ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  8. So glad to hear the baby rabbit is doing well. And lovely shots of the flowers.

  9. Your garden is so pretty--all that weeding paid off! Loving all those little bunnies.

  10. Oh I love the little bunny...they hide and feed and hide.. I have clover here in the yard they like... Weeding...sigh.. my knee isn't letting me do much of anything right now and there is soooo much to do...Michelle


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