Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Go Ahead...Just Tell Me

Just look at that face...:)

Could it be any cuter???

Spotting it while out on the deck about two weeks ago, I just had to snap...

and snap...

and snap.

While I snapped, I listened to the sound this little creature made which is what drew me in to begin with.

So originally, I wanted you to...just tell me what this darling is because I didn't have a clue. 

 I "follow" FABirding and Wildlife Watching With FAB and when I told Frank I had pix and was totally clueless, he offered to take a peek.  Well thanks to Frank, I now know what it is and, as always...

just saying and sharing...

' is a thrush called an [Eastern] Veery (Catharus fuscescens).

Common in mature deciduous and mixed woodland. 
Description: Although similar to other spotted thrushes it is the most reddish-brown above; pale eye-ring; weak brownish lateral throat-stripe (just discernible in image 1); weakly spotted upper breast and bright white belly. 
Song is described as smooth, rolling, spiraling "vrdi vrreed vreed vreer vreer" with ethereal fluting quality and descending in two stages. Itscall is a nasal. rough, braying "jerrr".

Link for Veery ID and sounds:
Link for Sibley's Guides:

Oh, and Frank, if you're out there...many THANKS again and air hugs, too...:)


  1. haha I thought you left on a limb until I spied the description at the bottom. I've heard of them but don't think I've seen one. So pretty.

  2. Hi JP. Delighted to be of assistance. Thanks for the plug and the 'hug'. Cheers FAB.

  3. he/she is cute, so you are not sharing with us what it is?

  4. those are just great photos. thanks for following me, I thought you always had as I have followed you since you lived in the hollow. That was a long time ago now. And I so loved your stories of country life back then and from your childhood. Do you still write?

  5. JP, What a pretty little bird. I bet you did enjoy his song. I love hearing new birds singing. Today I just got to listen to our everyday(except during winter) robins. Oh but I love them so much. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. I've never seen one of those. What a pretty little thing

  7. Glad you included that this spotting as a thrush, JP, although I did have to search very close at the end of the post for the ID and glad it was included.

  8. I think there is a verse in a song about the (Sweet Song of a Thrush) - Anyway it is a cute bird for sure.

  9. Thanks for sharing at You're right, that's such a sweet bird!

  10. Pretty shots of the Veery! I hear them often around here, they have a cool sound. Happy weekend!


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