Friday, June 24, 2016

Fear Of The Unknown


It seemed to be a good subject for a B & W until I realized it had color.

I have no idea where it went after I took these...fear of the unknown in my own backyard!

saying and sharing...


  1. We call these Popping Beetles. If you touch them, the just jump or "pop" a way any direction. A good protective trait to have. Great picture.

  2. OH NO... gail says they POP but who would touch one to find out... yikes... i came to see if your wrote a post about me since FEAR is my middle name and my second middle name is Paranoia

  3. For this I need to steal your saying.....HOLY MOOSE POOPS!!! I've never seen anything like that and it looks huge.

  4. Wow - that thing is huge. Nice shots.

  5. Great insect! I think its a sort of Rove Beetle - the pop that other people mention is caused by a 'peg' that fits into a 'hole' between two parts of the body, when the peg pops out it make the beetle flick away! Cunning!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Fascinating pictures - would have looked good without the colour.

  7. Isn't he an ugly bug. I took a picture in my backyard a little while ago. I believe it was two lizards mating. Either that or the one was killing the other. I like to think it was the first.


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