Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Smile In My Heart

The other morning I was a lot hungrier than normal.  So, deciding on eggs and a nice slice of hearty, multi-grain bread (which makes a WONDERFUL panini by the way), out came the induction frying pan I told you about.  

Timing is everything and it was that morning too.  

The well-peppered eggs were cooked over easy just the way I like them and my golden brown toast was looking scrumptious as it soaked up the not so soft butter. Just as I was about to fill my plate, a few memories and a smile in my heart told me to put the eggs on top of the toast, creating "toast-a'la-egg."

Now I know you may think this story is a tad odd, however...

Way back in "1802", when I was a single parent, I tried everything under the sun to get my kids interested in eating what seemed like the same food over and over again.  Being on a very tight budget, eggs and bread were not only a regular staple but also always on hand because they were almost as cheap inexpensive as pancake mix (our regular Friday night supper).

Anyway, it was at an early age that they were introduced to "toast-a-la-egg" which consisted of one slice of toast with one over easy egg sitting on top.  Artfully cutting into the egg made all that nutritious yolk ooze out onto and into the toast, making it a meal fit for a king.

just saying and sharing...

That morning, with the help of a few memories, I ate breakfast
 with a smile in my heart.


  1. I love it when a memory pops in my head and makes me smile.. that little nudge from what you were doing popped the precious memory out for us to read.. my food memory involves my mother making home churned banana ice cream, or peach or vanilla.... it was a real treat because there was no bought ice cream.. and we got the churned maybe twice during the long hot summer. daddy said it was not breakfast without bread and eggs.. and we had them for dinner to

  2. JP, Damn girl you look good for your age. LOL. When we were kids we had dinosaur eggs. LOL. Your memory sounds so nice. I used to make chip beef gravy on toast so much my girls started making up names for it. Like , great gravy...great groovy gravy...on and on they would go till we would be laughing. When young moms have to stretch their food dollars, we become inventive. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Great memory❣ I have started eating grits and eggs. Who needs the toast? One over easy egg on top of a pile of cooked grits and salt and pepper❣Yummy❤️Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. I had an english muffin this morning with a fried egg on top. I love it when the yolk oozes out.

  5. A warm and heart-filled memory! I remember my dad dipped dried toast on milk-egg mix, fried in butter on a pan. seasoned it with salt and cinnamon, and served with strawberry jam ... That was the best treat ever! I served those to our boys some weeks ago ~ they tasted like the Sunday evenings in my childhood :)

  6. a sweet story and great breakfast memory :) It's amazing how creative we can be when trying to get our kids to eat what we want them to

  7. What a sweet memory! Some of my favorites are ones just like this, and are perfect reminders that the simple things in life, are truly the best...And most delicious! :-)

  8. I used the trick of cutting a hole in the bread with a small juice glass, cooking the egg there and having the tiny slice of toast as a side. Still love it that way.

    I would like to know how the skillet worked.


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