Friday, May 27, 2016

Sharing Memories

Given to me by a dear friend, this handmade framed photo sits on the vanity in the bathroom.  I've never taken a "mustard bath," have you?

One of my favorite places to be...home.

Sunrises in Aruba are always comforting.


  1. Stunning pictures.

    Those old ads? I have some pottery pieces that have some really crazy sounding home remedies. I guess that's all folks had to rely on.

    Are you in Aruba, lucky lady?


  2. nope, never taken a mustard bath. I'm curious now about what it's purpose is.

  3. home is my most favorite of all places... and yours is lovely. no to the mustard bath..

  4. Shadows cast create a warm mood. I'm intrigued by the stone wall. It makes me think of Ireland.

  5. Your home is a very beautiful place, and your photo is lovely.

    (A mustard bath was used - a long time ago - to draw out toxins from fevers and chills. Also for stiff muscles. I've never fancied the idea!)

  6. Hello JP, I have never heard of a mustard bath. I love the shadow shot, well done! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  7. Cant say a mustard bath sounds that appealing! Although steak and mustard is a different thing altogether.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. really pretty captures!! my favorite place to be, home as well!!

  9. Enjoying your pics.
    My first time to hear about mustard bath. It seems challenging :)
    Thanks for dropping by.


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