Friday, May 13, 2016

Not The Best...Just Two Questions

Driving home the other day, I spotted this unique design in the sky.  I've got to stop and get a pic of that, I said out loud (even though no one else was in the car!!)  Pulling over as soon as there was a spot, I realized I did not have the camera with me so...

although the quality is not the best, you get the picture, right?

just saying and sharing...

with you and those at

This brings two questions to mind:

Do YOU ever talk to yourself OUT LOUD?
And for all you ScientistMeteorologist types,
Do YOU have any idea WHY those colors were up there??


  1. LOL yes, I talk to myself. Beautiful capture of the sundog. The colors are pretty. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I can answer your first question. Yes, I absolutely do talk to myself out loud. Sometimes I even answer myself

  3. Might as well; nobody else listens--haha
    When we see that type of colors in the clouds the RG always says 'ice crystals'

  4. gorgeous and yes i talk to myself all the time.. bob does to. he makes fun of me and i make fun of hm and we keep on doing it

  5. That is a beautiful capture. It is caused by ice crystals refracting from the sun but a horizontal one isn't overly common. Yes, I talk to myself, and even answer. Haha. Have a great Sunday.


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