Thursday, May 5, 2016

Grateful For Familar Fences

Getting home from vacation on a Saturday gave me a few days to unpack and do laundry before it was time to return to Tai Chi Classes.  So when driving by the all too familiar fences, even though I loved the sights in Aruba, feeling grateful, I had to stop.

I love the views of the bogs here and now that things are turning Spring green, it is inspiring.

just saying and sharing...


  1. Hello!:) How lucky you are to see such beautiful scenery with fences in your area. A great slection of images,... (I like the one of the fence through your side mirror)... and have noticed you're good at this.Have a good day and happy weekend.:)

  2. Very pretty and lush looking surroundings along with those fences.

  3. With rolling green countryside who needs the fences. A fine place to live.


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