Then, like all the others, we proceeded to Aruba’s X-ray security.
Passing through an area of Duty-Free shops and food eateries, since there are tables and chairs in this area, we filled out the “U.S. Customs Form” (anything you purchased is listed and tallied).
Moving right along we then entered the “Baggage Claim Area” which we've done for twelve years we've been going to the island and hunt for your luggage that you initially dropped upon check-in at the Airline Ticket Counter.   Now, with luggage in tow, we proceeded to the next room...U.S. Immigration and Customs. The U.S. Agent will check your passport and boarding pass and take the “U.S. Customs Form”.
Nearing the end of the entire departure process, we placed your luggage on the designated airline's conveyor belt. You may/or may not have your luggage inspected. At this point, you will not see your luggage again until you arrive in the U.S.  Marching onward to U.S. Security for our screening.  This is where I failed!