Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why Not

Being the goof that I am, I thought "why not" as I took the snowshoes and poles off the hooks in the utility room.  We had plenty of snow on the ground and it was so much fun last year that I actually said to myself..."what am I waiting for?  Who cares that it's still snowing?"


I should have known it would be problematic when I sat in the old cedar chair on the patio.  But once again, I had thought why not I'm wearing waterproof nylon pants as an outer layer?  (Apparently, over time, they really aren't so waterproof as I began to feel cold and wet "back there.")

The next thing I did incorrectly was put the snowshoes on the wrong feet!!  Although I cannot tell you exactly what I said to myself, even Moon and Copper came running when they heard me voice my "frustration"!

Now, wet derriere and all, I began my trek around the yard.  My left leg was feeling totally different than my right.  "Hmmmm, must be my imagination" I thought as I kept on trudging...up the hills, down the hills, over to the feeders and back to my starting point.

It was when I went to remove the snowshoes that I realized the toe of my left boot was not secured and kept getting stuck in the snowshoe.  Even after all that...

I was able to snap a few pix along the way...

why not?

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  1. Hello, sounds like a fun time snowshoeing around your place. I love the birds, they seem to be extra hungry when it snows. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wonderful winter shots with birds.

  3. Jp, You were just having one of those days. I have them from Sunday thru Friday, at least. LOL. You have had a ton of snow. I just keep thinking 36 more days till spring...this cold , wind, or snows can't last forever. Blessings to you honey, xoxo,Susie

  4. That looks like a lot of snow! It's so pretty though. Stay warm.

  5. you had fun, we got pics and a big chuckle out loud at the snowshoe snaffu.. still smiling

  6. Oops! At least you will get it right next time though... Nice shots.

  7. Lovely wintry photography ~ glad you got out there and tried the snow shoes ~ ^_^

    Happy Valentine's Day ~ ^_^

  8. I have a pair and I fall every time I try to use them..good for you

  9. Sounds like you made quite the workout of It was all worth it though because you got some pretty pictures. I would have been heading for the house at the wet butt stage. :)

  10. Thank you fro loving the birds in snowy time s

  11. So comical...sounds exactly like what I would do! :-) Great photos, though on your "trek."

  12. Oh boy ... that is what happens every now and then!
    You got so much snow - freshly fallen snow that is light, is easier to remove, that the wet one, that can be so heavy.

  13. You are a brave soul! Very lovely images.


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