Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Fence Peeper

Scooting out to Western Connecticut when I babysat for Mia, I knew I'd have a little time to grab a fence or two.

However, to tell you the truth, I just kept driving and driving, forgetting all about taking pictures.  Before I knew I knew it, I was at my son's house.

So once inside, I grabbed my camera and snapped the fence down the street from them.

Then I got this one too before the folks across the way got home.


It isn't my fault.  I got them for you and those at


  1. the last one is awesome. love the photo and the fence.. you did a great job, i had to do archive fence today

  2. A sweet selection of fences! Glad you snapped them!

  3. You took their fences and they are totally

  4. you had your mind on mia. :) love the last one with the screen/railing design!

  5. Little ones on your mind can be a distraction. I am sure they would not object to having their fence taken. Glad you shared.

  6. Very nice fences. I'll keep your secret about the neighbors fence.

  7. How decorative - the white fence in the photo above!
    I know what you're saying ... sometimes our "autopilot" up in the brain takes over, and we really are so much in our thoughts, that it is a surprise to notice that we've already arrived!
    Happy weekend to you, JP!

  8. I live in the land of fences...most all the same and very unoriginal. :(


  9. You gotta do what you gotta do for a fence! LOL Love the last shot.

  10. Love the picket fence with the fancy tops. That last one is pretty special.


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