Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red Bird, Red Bird

Although we really didn't have much of a Winter, I hoped and I waited.

And waited...

and waited.

Here it is February and finally, during one of the recent snowstorms, they showed up.

When I saw the flash of red against the snow, I nearly killed myself trying to get to the camera!

My MIL loved these birds. They remind me of her.

 They also remind me of my grand daughter.  In fact, here's another juicy tidbit. 
When Mia was a baby, I came up here to watch her until she was old enough to go to day care.  One day, while holding her, a beautiful red Cardinal appeared in the tree.  
Making up the words to a little tune as I went along, she and I swayed to the music.
Now,at the age of seven, she asks me to sing "Red Bird".
She loves it. 

Red Bird, Red Bird in the sky
Red Bird, Red Bird fly so high.
Red Bird, Red Bird in the tree,
Red Bird, Red Bird fly to me.

Red Bird, Red Bird in the air
Red Bird, Red Bird way up there
Red Bird, Red Bird do you see
How much love there is in me?

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  1. Hello JP, cute story about your granddaughter. I love the Cardinals in the snow, they look so pretty. Enjoy your day!

  2. Cardinals are my favorite winter birds. Haven't seen many this year.

  3. I agree with Eileen! Cute story and photos too :-)

  4. Amazing how absolutely brilliantly red the Cardinals are!

  5. like the song and the red birds are wonderful.. the snow makes them brilliant

  6. You know that when a Cardinal appears in your yard, it is a loved one who has passed paying you a visit!! I am the crazy bird lady who talks to all the cardinals who visit our feeders.... in the winter I talk to them through the windows, and in the summer I speak softly when they land near by. Our chats are always one-sided, but I love the opportunity to keep everyone who is gone now up to speed on the happenings here. :-)

  7. You are lucky to see these lovely "red" birds. We don't have them here. What a darling memory of your granddaughter and the special red bird song.

  8. What a sweet story! My granddaughter also loves when I make up little songs to sing to her. Cardinals are my favorite birds but we don't see them where I live now, and I miss them.

  9. what a cute song and a nice memory for you and Mia. I've always liked cardinals

  10. This red bird stirs many wonderful memories. I,m too, love Cardinals. I rarely see them in CO.

  11. Stunning images!! of my FAVORITE birds!!

    I want to send along my thanks [even tho I'm in my personal, Hootin' Anni blog admin right now] --- thanks for stopping by this week and adding your link to my bird photo blog, I'd Rather B Birdin'. Always so very much appreciated.

  12. These photos inspire me.
    My contribution also shows birds at feed space !
    Greetings from Germany
    This is my entry


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