Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pathway Pix

Well, although I want to tell you about yesterday, I cannot....not yet.  
So for today, sharing pathway pix with you and those at

This "Winter" has been crazy so far.  Although we've had some very chilly nights, the days have been in the forties.  Today we had heavy rain and temps in the fifties along with thunder!!


  1. it has been a crazy winter so far. We're getting winter weather today though. It's snowing and VERY cold

  2. It was crazy warm in Ohio until the day I planned to leave, then snow was in the forecast! I stayed until I had a better driving day! Cold and sunny is better than snowy any day!

  3. We're having cool weather now, but at Christmas time it was 80. I hate it when I have to run the A/C to have a fire in the fireplace!

  4. Seems to be crazy weather everywhere! Love that first shot of the leaves.


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