Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's always fun to have a little surprise in a photo.  You know, something you weren't' planning on.  So, to my surprise when I moved this from the camera to the laptop, while I had intended to use it as a "reflection" shot.    

Then there was the dog.  I love the Lab hanging out the window.  Most Labs are so "full-figured" and this one is no exception.  So I thought about using it as a "critter" shot.

However, look behind the truck...there's a fence too!!

Sharing with you and those at more thing.  The insurance adjuster told us my car is totaled at the age of only 7 months with 5300 miles!!  Today the Pres and I head to the dealership to look for another.
  Do you know how highly rated Subaru's are in accidents?  I didn't...not until now.  


  1. Hello!:) Nice shot! Ha ha, I change my mind all the time.

  2. I love the labs, they are great dogs.

    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. so sorry about your new car. i know you loved it. reflections, critters and and a fence in one shot. good job

  4. Hittin' all the marks with this one.

  5. oh no, what happened to your Subaru? that stinks. yes, i knew about them having such a great rating, i think that is 1 reason why the hubby got our crosstrek. he really enjoys the ride too. sure hope you will find something that will fit the bill & not be too too pricey.

    i often wonder about why he places the sheep in such odd places to take the photo, but that is the hubby. i always wonder what he will do it one ever does fall? that would not be cool with me. : (

  6. Great job using one photo for 3 memes. It's a good one.

  7. three for the price of one. cute shot.

  8. There is nothing happier that a dog with its head out of the window of a car or truck. They love it. After a bit I saw the fence in the background. I was too busy looking at happy dog.

  9. Wonderful ~ the doggie 'steals the show' ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^


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