Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Unknown

Although I cannot totally promise that I won't show any more photos taken from our trip to Disney, at least I gathered these and put them into one picture...sort of.  Then as you can see, I singled out a few favorites, although I have no clue what the majority are!!

Note to self:

Always write down what kind of birds you are taking pictures of or better still, take a picture of the QRG (Quick Reference Guide) that was available before entering the gardens.

Now this shot I really, really like.
Rather regal, don't you think?

Hence, I am now sharing the unknown with you and those at


  1. Hello, what a great collection of birds. They are cool and exotic looking. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love the McCaw parrots in the collage and all of the larger pics of birds are wonderful.. i get so mad with myself when i forget to snap names. once i went to Selby gardens just to take photos of all the trees. each tree has the name, did i think to take a pic of each sign? nope

  3. You must have been delighted by all those unique birds!

  4. pretty birds. that last one is really interesting. such pretty colors

  5. All so beautiful and definitely a very regal one at the end. Perhaps names not all that important. It's just great to share such beauty.
    All the best to you and yours in the coming festive season.

  6. Amazing! Great photos.

    My computer has lost your "feed" for some reason. I have not abandoned you...and you say, Oh, darn!


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