Saturday, December 26, 2015

Had To Haves

A few weeks ago, I, like so many others this time of the year, was at the Senior Center and ready to shop at their annual craft and bake sale. You see, while attending Tai Chi a few days before the sale, I sneaked a peek at some of the tag sale items and decided they were a few "had to haves". Hopefully, you will not be puzzled and understand why I spent my $6.00 the way I did.

The first thing that caught my eye was the 500 piece puzzle entitled "On The Wings Of An Eagle."  With a price of only $2.00, it seemed to have my name all over it!

Clutching it tightly as I continued to make my way around the filled tables, I then spotted three other  had to haves.

All three are very simple really.  Yet all send a clear concise message:


(which belonged in front of this pic, don't you agree?)


My newest manger, which says so much...simply and from the heart.




  1. Now that is a craft/bake sale I would have liked to have been at. $6 for all that is awesome. Nice finds too. Have you put the puzzle together yet?

  2. Good morning, I likeall three of your purchases. Your $6 was well spent. The puzzle is pretty, I love the cute frame and the manger is beautiful. Happy weekend!

  3. Just visiting you this morning from Ann's, lovely finds I wouldn't have passed up either.


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