Friday, November 13, 2015

Perfect Atmosphere

Unfortunately I do not remember where in Disney's Animal Kingdom this was taken.  However, it gives you an idea of the atmosphere that day...perfect.

Chilly weather is predicted here for this weekend...perfect for yard work.
Ours is not yet done.


  1. Nr brother and SIL are in the Magic Kingdom now. They arrived yesterday and via a phone call, I was informed that the temp was 88 degrees and hot there, while we had a misty overcast day here in NE.

  2. It's true beauty when you can capture reflections of land in water---I try to do that at the lake and it's so difficult. This is a fantastic photo!

    Jane x

  3. Pretty spot and love the reflectios~ Happy weekend!

  4. Chilly weather here too. It was snowing yesterday and the wind was something else

  5. Perfect is right, as are the photos from your bus -- I've got to go there!


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