Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's ALL Mine

I got it as a gift from those who care
Because I "traded beds" while I was there.

Sharing it's ALL mine

with you and those at


  1. what a wonderful gift. i paid 7.95 for a bottle of pure maple like this one at Walmart a couple weeks ago. i suffered at the cost but wanted it. i am thinking this one will me much more delish

  2. What a wonderful gift. And nice you do not have to share! Have a great day!

  3. "Maple Slurple" as Dad would say. What a lovely gift.

  4. That is a wonderful gift.... Michelle

  5. Trading places was worth it. I love maple syrup and have been known to take it by the spoonful. ;)

  6. YUM. Several years ago my brother gifted me with some home made syrup. It was the best I ever had

  7. It's a great gift, and a perfect one for just about everyone to have to themselves to enjoy!


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