Monday, August 17, 2015

The Waiting IS Over

Several years ago, I bought a Trumpet Vine. Planning on profuse blooms, I knew it would be enjoyed by us as well as the hummingbirds that spend their summers here. While the Pres erected the baseball scoreboard, I dug the hole and tenderly planted the gallon size plant.  That was three years ago.

Each year we watched the foliage re-emerge in the Spring and watched it spread further and further on the gray homemade lattice trellis, hoping that we would see a flower.

We waited.

And waited.

And this year, it has been pretty much been status quo.


all of us...
 the Pres, myself, Moon and Copper...

year after year...

trying to figure out why the damn darn thing would not bloom.

But then...

Saturday while outside in the early morning hours with the dogs, I saw color other than green and snapped this.

Knowing the Pres would be as happy as I was, I could not wait until he woke up to share the news. But then as I peeked around the side, I saw this too.

So as of this post, I am not sure if those are all going to be flowers, but it was/is exciting to see. I guess my plans on moving the darn thing will have to be changed. Yes, the waiting is over.

Sharing their ho-hum attitude and a few preliminary blooms with you and those at

Mosaic Monday


  1. Good morning, I love the clematis plants, they are so pretty. Is the other flower the trumpet vine blooms? I love the shot of your two cute pups with the flower cart. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. I have a trumpet vine. There's LOTS of would take over everything if I let it! : ) But not only the hummingbirds will love your blooms...the bees will as well :)

  3. JP, thanks for linking up and sharing your critter pups!

  4. oh how pretty. It sure took it's good old sweet time blooming though didn't it :)

  5. Congratulations on your blooming trumpet vine. The wait was worth it, it is lovely! Great photos! You have a beautiful garden. From these super photos it must be so peaceful sitting there with your pretty dogs.

  6. It takes a while for a trumpet vine to flower. Once mine did, it began to take watch out!! ;)

  7. Ah, beautiful, and so worth the wait. Glad you didn't give up. :-)

  8. that trumpet is the dreaded Virginia creeper and it will creep in your trees in your flower beds. it climbs and covers everything, it can kill a tree and will follow power lines. keep a close look at it. but it might not be as bad there, because your cold will kill it. here it grows year round and is considered an invasive weed... bob is battling it now, trying to kill it. the flowers are beautiful as is the foliage, and bees and all bugs love it to... right now we can't even see our fence for it.

  9. Good things come to those who wait and unfortunately many plants are like this in that they take a long time to establish their roots and upper limbs before pleasuring us with flowers. Sometimes if it has been several years the roots need a wake up call which will encourage lilacs to flower for one example.
    Hoping to see lots of blooms on the honeysuckle next year JP, thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  10. Your dogs are so lovely - and what great pics!

  11. JP, I'm glad your patience has been rewarded. They look like they will be terrific. Enjoy! Sylvia D.

  12. Glad the trumpets blared forth on these vines, which were a familiar sight to us in VA and many would grow wild.

  13. I am always so excited when something I planted blooms.. I hope you get more next season... Michelle

  14. Hooray! They were worth the wait. Trumpet Vine is so pretty.

  15. Beautiful! Well worth the long wait, I'd say...

  16. Enjoy the blooms - I'm betting the hummingbirds will as well!
    Please come link up at

  17. Well those a pretty blooms even worth the wait...I I just planted one in a sunny dry spot. It has had a hard time, bit we hope it will kick in next year and grow more and bloom by year 3.....crossing my fingers

  18. That's a very pretty honeysuckle vine and I'm glad it's finally blooming for you. It was worth the wait!


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