Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Silly Wren

Shutting off the weed eater, I turned to look back as I walked up the small hill in the yard.  It was hot, humid and I had had enough.  Sweating profusely, I couldn't wait to get something to drink yet I kept thinking about the Wrens that were all in a tither while I trimmed around the black raspberries.  As pooped as I was from weed eating, what I saw as I looked back made me smile.  Later as I sat on the deck sipping my ice water hoping to get a few pix, I got this.  

Hope it brings a smile to your face too!

Sharing the silly Wren that made my day

The Teeter Totter

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  1. You are brave to be out using a weed-eater in such humid weather. I'm waiting for a day with less moisture in the air. :)

  2. You are brave to be out working on a hot humid day. I lvoe the cute wren video! Enjoy your day!

  3. that is adorable and it did not even scare it went the sign moved down.. love it

  4. awwww, someone's got quite the system going there, what a great video of nature!! You should bring water with you to drink with those nasty weeds ;). heheheheh

  5. Oh, I like that one! I've been remiss in not putting out wren houses here 'cause we have a bunch of them around.

  6. I like little wrens. It was super humid today, that's for sure.

  7. The wren has a front and a back door, just like us humans. How adorable!

  8. That was really sweet and cute.

  9. This is such a hoot! Hilarious. My parents said of us kids when we were young, "In one door and out the other". This is the epitome.

    Cute, cute, cute!!
    I so enjoyed it.
    Thank you for sharing this with I'd Rather B Birdin' this week.


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