Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Morning Weed

Every morning, like so many other pet owners, I go out with the dogs, walk around the yard picking up the previous day's deposits.

After that task is complete (which takes a while because I cover the entire acre), it seems I have become addicted to pulling weeds.

I cannot walk by and leave something that doesn't belong in the ground or on a plant. And so, the piles form. Piles of spent flowers and leaves, weeds, crab grass, unwanted seedlings.

Meanwhile my two body guards, sit on the patio and watch me, waiting for me to finish
my morning weed.

Last week and this week we continue to get prices from local tree services for the cutting, removal and stump removal.

One company suggested topping the trees because our yard looked like a park and he suggested not destroying the layout.

As good as it made us feel, when I did some research on "topping," the reviews were not good.  Besides, I found that it would be more expensive to "top" rather than remove a tree!!


  1. Good morning, cute shot of the geese. What a lovely view of your house, I see your cute pups waiting for you! I hope you are happy with whatever you decide doing to the trees. Enjoy your day!

  2. and the good news is your morning WEED is really healthy and goof or YOU and your yard.. it will keep you active....

  3. Sometimes the trees have to go, but it always makes me kind of sad. In our neck of the woods, there are so many pines whose best days are behind them. It can get kind of scary during a bad storm. Tree cutting is a dangerous job. So I don't begrudge them their fees too much. Nice to have body guards!

  4. i'd probably not top anything either. your yard is beautiful because of its naturalness. :)

  5. I would hate to love trees but we have been thinning and trimming ours too.

    I really like your house.

  6. I love the look of your house and yard. So inviting looking. Around here there are plenty of weeds so if you run out and need something to do :)

  7. I had to give up on pulling weeds this summer as it has just been to blasted HOT to be outside. - You have a lovely yard and I finally spotted your dogs waiting there for you.

  8. Is that your house? It's gorgeous!

  9. A garden is always a lot of work. Happens to me too coz when i was weeding or something then something else needed fixing.

  10. I would think that "topping" a tree could well cause it irreparable harm??
    I hope to see you at, and please join us each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)!

  11. Check with a certified arborist.... They have really helped us with ours as opposed to a tree cutter only...


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