Monday, July 6, 2015

The Beginning Of A Good Thing

Towards the perimeter of our well- treed lot is an area that the Pres has been able to mow. When the subject of butterflies and Milk Weed came up, he looked me oddly.   The look began the conversation with him about the importance of Milk Weed.  ((This "conversation" has taken place for three years, I might add!)

I said, Hon, I'm going to order some Milk Weed.

For what? There's plenty down below, the man said.

Where? I never see it bloom.

That's because I don't let it. I mow it down.  I hate that stuff, said the man.  That stuff gets everywhere!!

What!?!?! Are you crazy?!?!  I've been trying to grow it ever since we moved here. I want it for the Monarchs. 

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  1. Typical man. Wade will mow over anything that gets in his path. I kept beating him out to the mower so that some plants I had in the back yard would have a chance of survival.

  2. Men are so ....well MEN... i am ROFL he is cutting down what you want to buy and grow. i am helpless with laughter over this one.

  3. i have had a few folks tell me that you need wildweed for monarch butterflies ... why they are missing in the VA area. so i guess i need to buy some too. great idea. something about that farmers don't like it in their fields ... interesting. you always can learn something can't ya? yep. ( :

  4. So - the Pres has selective hearing too? Just lime my hubby!

  5. Looks like you got your milkweed patch.

  6. My hub would have done the same thing. Growing up in the city he cannot tell a weed from a flower or vegetable plant. Take pictures when the Monarchs finally descend on your milkweed patch.

  7. wonder it didnt bloom

  8. Hope the Monarchs appreciate it.

  9. Mow, oh no! Well, at least the Pres knows better now! The milkweed stays! Happy Wednesday!

  10. It gets mowed down a lot. It also attracts bees, butterflies and other insects.... I hope you enjoy it. ... Michelle


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