Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Broken One

Before the horrendous thunderstorms and winds hit us earlier in the week last week, the skies were just gorgeous regardless of the direction.

With all the trees that we have surrounding our place, this is the only one that was broken.

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  1. Glad that was all the damage. Keep an eye on it when walking in that area. Looks a little high to yank down.

  2. beautiful sky and so glad you had no damage

  3. Beautiful sky! I am glad there was not more damage. It can be scary living close to the tall trees. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  4. Lovely sky! Glad there wasn't any more damage.

  5. that is a gorgeous blue sky. Lucky that only one tree was damaged

  6. Beautiful blue sky. Everything seems so clean and clear after the storms. Glad you had so little damage.

  7. Sorry about the broken branch. Hope the rest of the summer is kinder to your trees!

  8. Glad the damage was minimal, JP. We had an all day rain on Sunday and again today (Wed) but of course no damages in NH. Now when we travel to VA next week, we may see a different story at our home (hope not).


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