Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our Pit Stop

Since the Pres and are getting "older" we have noticed that we need more pit-stops when we hit the road.  

Apparently, we are not alone.

Once the temps began warming, our yard was, once again, a pit-stop for a multitude of passers-by.

Well, I thought it was a pit-stop.

Crows, against my wishes, decided to build a nest in the pines this year.  They become noisy...very noisy...when chasing away the Barred Owl, for instance, and I watched the whole thing through my binoculars...amazing teamwork among the Crows!!  

Intelligent birds, did you know that there have been studies done which indicate that Crows can actually recognize humans?

Now that, to me, is downright scary!

Although I have been watching them in action a lot this year, they have never been one of my favorites.  Their incessant and constant cawing when chasing an enemy out of the woods and into the sky breaks the silence when I'm out working in the yard.

Perhaps they were the ones who announced our yard as a great pit-stop, because, following their lead, we were then invaded by a huge flock of Gackles, the pesky nuisances that keep all the songbirds away.

Taking their sweet old time at the feeders, crunching and munching away, while all the "little ones" kept their distance, they finally took to the surrounding trees.

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  1. Cool series on the crows.. And a great owl shot.. Enjoy your day!

  2. the only birds we have left are the crows and a couple of Cardinals. our resident hawk has wiped out the population, and we are down to only 1 squirrel. Hawk was sitting in our pine tree this morning and i said you can move on now, you have decimated the supply here...

  3. They know a good 'pit stop' when they find one.

    There is an excellent book entitled 'Gifts of the Crow' by John Marzluff and Tony Angell explaning the research and links. Some serious stuff but also hilarious examples of crow intelligence and emotionality.

  4. What great shots of the birds!

  5. Crows and ravens are incredibly smart. Ravens are one of my favorite birds.

  6. Oh, my, I'm sorry you're having trouble with the "scavenger" birds. Maybe some owl decoys will deter them. Great shots, though!

  7. I love the crows, and the beautiful owl! But I agree about the grackles. They are bullies for sure!

  8. P.S. I love that shot of the grackle on the feeder staring you down!!

  9. Thanks to the pit-stop, you were able to capture these great images ~ the owl looks so special, and the dark crows have a mystic and a bit majestetic glow over them.

  10. Wade loves crows. He has a few at work that he feeds

  11. It's always great to see creatures from other countries. We in Oz of course have crows although here although they are apparently ravens as they have fluffy feathers on their chest. Everyone still calls them crows. Fortunately they don't nest here but do visit our garden quite often (alternately with the magpies) and their loud CAW can be heard.
    I love owls but we don't see them in the suburbs but Phil used to see them on the golf course where he used to play.
    It's always a great pity when larger more aggressive birds chase the smaller ones away so hopefully those 'grackles' will move on soon.
    Thank you for sharing all this with us and I am sure crows are extra intelligent. We often see magpies chasing crows in the air to I imagine stop the crows raiding their nests. Quite an aerial battle goes on at times.

  12. I watched the David Suzuki segment on crows which showed their intelligence for problem solving and remembering human faces. Scary...
    We have a gang in our neighbourhood that terrorizes the robins and there used to be one that turned a silver colour - he must have been really old.
    The grackles are bullies at the feeders and I'm thinking a water gun might do the trick. :-)

  13. I love the Crows, but don't see them often. It is a shame that they chase away the owl.

  14. Crows are amazing...I wonder if Ravens are as smart.

  15. A study showed that pigeons could recognize individual people..... Amazing!

  16. Love your owl. But owls are always amazing:) I like your other visiting birds. Nice to have them around!

  17. Wouldn't it be perfect if crows make prettier sounds and are not so aggressive? Your owl is so adorable.


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