Monday, April 20, 2015

Pick Me Up

Feeling a little down in the dumps the past few days, on Saturday I decided that it was time for my pick me up.   It just amazes me how fast the leaves on the trees bud once Spring arrives.

Heading outside and relaxing on the lower deck, I watched and listened for several hours while the Pres was comfortably resting in the house after a rather busy morning.

We'd gone for his second Cardioversion on Thursday and it went well.  He came out of AFib, once again, "now lets keep him there," said the doctor.

When the doctor came out to talk to me, I wanted to ask a few questions.

"It will be lawn mowing season soon.  Can he do that?" I asked, looking up at the tall, dark haired Cardiologist.

"Sure.  He can ride the lawn tractor."

Answering him immediately, I said, "Well, we don't have a lawn tractor.  We have a 61" commercial walk behind which has a dolly.  He has been riding the ATV up and down the gravel road to get the mail and paper daily."

"Well, okay then, he can ride that mower."

"He, as a new member of the Fish and Game Club, is supposed to help with Spring Clean-Up on Saturday.  Can he do that?"

"NO...because they will put him to work."

Do you want to guess WHY the Pres was in the house resting comfortably after a busy morning?"

Yep.  Against the doctor's orders, he helped with Spring Clean Up!!

Do you think his persistence in not listening is what is making me down in the dumps?


  1. Well, I think it stress you out that he is not listening. Men are that way. Maybe you could have the doctor give him a talking to? That is what my friend did with her husband. She had a nurse lecture him, and it worked for awhile.

  2. The heart is nothing to take for granted. I was certainly following all the rules in the beginning and still do what I know is best for me. At first, I didn't even venture out on hikes/walks by myself, but that fear has passed (my husband was more afraid of me being alone than I was). Nobody wants to lose independece, but we must weigh our decisions by what is prudent. The Cardiologist needs to let the Pres know what is safe right now and what isn't - that takes the load off of you having to monitor. Meanwhile, you have to be aware of your own needs. Glad you're taking some time for yourself.

  3. oooh, they are stubborn, and really don't like to feel helpless. I guess its a very hard thing to -not- help.

  4. Most men are like children. They are stubborn and don't want to do what they are supposed to do. It's very frustrating, especially when it involves safety. I hope the Pres will realize soon that you and those who love him will suffer if he doesn't listen to his doctor. I hope he will come to accept the fact that he needs to slow down. Sometimes, wives are in the worst position when it comes to reminding the patients that they must follow their doctors' orders.

  5. Dear JP.
    May i dare to say:- men are all alike stubborn ..
    I wish the pres good health.. maybe you need to hide the keys ):-
    your photo collage is lovely..
    best wishes to you both
    val x

    ps. Take care mr. President.

  6. Hard headed and stubborn men! What can you do, tie him down..Beautiful shots, JP! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  7. My father's the same, no matter how much my mom would ask him, scold him, sometimes she even asks us-children to tell him so he might listen. We had to make him guilty that everyone cares about him except himself and we had to ask the doctor to give him strict prohibitions. It worked somehow. I wish your Pres good health.

  8. If he persists in 'not listening' it will be him in 'the dump'. What's the matter with that man?

  9. your hubby sounds just like mine and a talking to from doctor did nothing for him. he will do what he wants to do and i say let him... i let bob do what he wants to and just live with it. better for my health and his... it is a waste of time and effort to try to control them.. just do what you did and enjoy nature... and you are not alone.

  10. I hope he starts listening to the doctor's advice. I know it's hard on us wives when the men think they are still 20 years old and invincible...

  11. love your critters. good luck with the house critter.

  12. Oh I'm sorry the Pres is not feeling that great JP. He really needs to listen to the doctor and obey him but men find it so difficult to 'lay low'. It's very stressful on you I'm sure. Take care of yourselves!

  13. Oh, dear. Guess he's still having a hard time recognizing newfound limitations, huh? Hope he continues to do well.

  14. Love the shots you chose for the mosaic. Good luck with your husband.

  15. Uh-oh! I hope he comes to his senses!

  16. I'm sorry JP, maybe you should threaten him with bodily injury, lol.

    Seriously he could have further troubles if he don't listen. perhaps you should ask him if that's what he wants.

  17. It's obvious to most of your fellow blog readers, JP, that your deep concern gor Joe aka The Pres is causing you much angst. Probably he too is feeling frustrated and anxious at being advised he needs to limit his activities. Hopefully some happy medium can be reached in the very near future.

  18. YES!

    However, you can only be responsible for yourself.

  19. Oh dear... That would be my husband too...


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