Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Good Doctor

Last week we went to the Cardiologist to review the Pres' numbers and status in preparation for the next phase of his treatments.

Walking into the exam room carrying a model of a heart, the Pres' Cardiologist smiled his all too familiar smile.  Before he placed it on the cabinet off to the side,  I asked The Good Doctor if I could take a picture of it to use on my blog, assuring him that he would not be in it.

  Once he approved the first pic, he repositioned the artificial heart.  Cradling it in his arm, The Good Doctor said, smiling coyly, "See, I'm carrying my heart on my sleeve.  Have you ever heard that expression?"

"Of course, I have," I answered, aiming the cell phone at the newly positioned heart, once again assuring him that he would not be in the photo.

Bottom line is this.  The Pres' numbers were all good since his last visit including those recorded when he wore the heart monitor.  We are ready for the next step.  He has been scheduled for another Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) and IF there are no clots in his heart, they will proceed with the Electric Cardioversion, in hopes of getting a normal rhythm.  This will all be done as an outpatient on April 1st.  "Down stream we're talking valve replacement for which there are two approaches.  For him, we would opt for traditional open heart surgery."

Yep...of all days...they had to schedule it for tomorrow, April Fools Day!

Oh, one more thing.
When "all this is done," The Good Doctor asked me to teach him everything I know about Eagles and Eagle watching.
Heaven help the OR!

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  1. Sounds like y'all got some good news! Hopefully no clots tomorrow, and progress can continue to the valve replacement.

    BTW, I love the linen suit jacket over scrubs look that Pres's cardiologist is sporting!

  2. Sounds like good news, now we must hope for no clots being found, right? You will be a great teacher.. Have a happy day!

  3. Sounds like good news..and..another convert to Eagle watching.

  4. I hope that he gets a very good report tomorrow JP. Blessings.

  5. I am wondering if the good doctor knows what he has let himself in for on the Eagle Info.. LOL
    prayers for tomorrow procedure and tht it will put that heart right back in the correct beat.

  6. i like a doc with a sense of humor. :)

  7. I am glad he got such a good report! The two things he is having, I do not know what they are! But I will be praying for him! Wow, his doctor is a birdwatcher? And I love that you asked to take pictures, they are very good! Please continue to let us know, and about the first procedure, too.

  8. Getting good numbers in heart medicine is half the battle. Well done Pres! (He must have been a good boy.)

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  10. Sorry - I managed to post that twice somehow...

  11. Sending you both lots of distant healing reiki energy for successful outcome for surgery ~ Great shots of the heart.

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  12. That's good news and I'm sending best wishes for tomorrow to go well.
    Very nice of the good doctor to model his heart for us :)

  13. Prayiing for all to go as planned and Pres to be feeling much better soon. When I was a little girl my Dad had a heart model I loved to take apart and play with. (He's a physician and the pharmaceutical companies always gave out cool gifts to docs back then)… I also remember loving the human heart exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.. you walked through and could hear it beating… oh the 1970's, things were so much simpler then (I was a little kid)

  14. The heart's picture being carried on the the Good Doctor's sleeves look nice.

    I'm sending my prayers and good wishes for a successful tomorrow.

    All's well in God's hands.

  15. Great shots. Thoughts and prayers for your husband as he goes through these procedures.

  16. Hope all goes well today. Thinking of you both!

  17. Hope all goes well; Sounds like you have a caring and competent cardiologist and that's half the battle. Good luck all around.

  18. What a wonderful cardiologist your hubby has. I too had one that was very caring but he passed away two weeks ago at the young age of 61. He will be so sadly missed by so many of his patients.
    I now have to go next Wednesday to a new Cardio place to have a 2-D Doeppler Echo done but it is more a precautionary measure than anything. I guess when you are 83 doctors feel they have to do something to seem to be caring for you.
    I sincerely hope all the treatments the Pres is scheduled for go well and he continues to get better and better.

  19. Hope the Pres' procedure went well. That was no April Fool joke!

  20. A cardiologist with a sense of humor....love that


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